AOneSat is a Switzerland-based, emerging space infrastructure company that brings world-class experience in the space industry, in international marketing as well as engineering projects. AOneSat’s promoters have worked in the satellite and aero-space industry for over 20 years, primarily in design, manufacture and service of key systems such as telemetry, telecommand, sensors and power units for satellites and launch vehicles. Additionally, the founders have worked with the Russian and French industrial segments for over two decades and are now slowly expanding relationships to the North American Industry.

We have secured the right for a number of orbital slots. At present, three satellites are planned to cater for FSS business. AOneSat is presently working with reputed satellite manufacturers and international satellite operators for building and launching state of the art satellites to provide satellite telecommunications and broadcasting services.

AOneSat has access to a range of telecom companies and media broadcasters with interest in additional satellite capacity in growing and matured markets to meet the burgeoning requirements or to replace their ageing satellites.

AOneSat is in discussions with large fleet satellite operators who are showing interest to be its potential partners or preferred customers – through whom AOneSat will bring its transponder capacity to the market.


Our Services

 Broadcast / Media Services Telecommunication Services Government Services Value-added Services