AOneSat has definite plans for an initial fleet of three satellites to be deployed in the period 2016-2017. These high power satellites operating in C, Ku and Ka bands are designed to cover parts of South and North Americas, Europe, Africa, Middle East, South Asia from well coordinated orbital locations.

The field of view from the well positioned orbital locations enable AOneSat to provide coverage with good elevation angles and customize the coverage, power and connectivity requirements of specific anchor tenants in different regions.



A Total of 120 transponders in C, Ku, & Ka Band is planned to be placed in 3 satellites in orbit. There is an option available for a 4th satellite.


Typical configuration 36 - 52 transponders in C, Ku, Ka bands
Beams Multiple
Payload Power 6- 8 KWatt
Dry Mass 1500 - 2000 Kg
Launch Mass 3500 - 5000 Kg
Satellite Express 1000 H and Spacebus 4000 C1
Launch Proton, Zenith and Falcon
Orbital Location Customer's Choice